5 Best Sci-Fi Horror Hollywood Movies That Blend The Genres Perfectly’

Science fiction and frightfulness may not generally go inseparably, yet these five films figured out how to combine the two to make something genuinely noteworthy.

The Thing

Antarctica, an American research station in early winter 1982. A helicopter from the nearby Norwegian research station unexpectedly breathes at the base. You are trying to kill a dog running from your foundation. The US team members travel to the Norwegian base after the destruction of the Norwegian chopper to discover all dead or missing people. They find the bones of a weird creature burned by the Norwegians. The US takes it to its basis and assumes that it is an alien form of life. After a while, the alien will take over and assimilate into other types of life, including people, and spread like a virus. So everyone at the base might be inhabited by The Thing, and there will be growing tensions.

The Terminator

The indestructible cyborg killer, known as the “Terminator,” started a lethal quest to destroy the leading woman of civilization in Los Angeles until 1984. She was taking her to the Dystopian in 2029, where cold machinery had conquered the whole planet. However, a fighting defender — Kyle Reese, a courageous soldier of the human resistance army — will come from the same post-apocalyptic war-torn future to stop the cybernetic murderer from removing the greatest hope of the universe. But the terminator does not have any emotions; he sleeps not, and mainly will not stop until his grim mission has accomplished. Will our history lie in the future?


His lover,  Beth, and friends plan to make a big surprise farewell party to celebrate Rob’s massive promotion now that he is about to travel to Japan. But, when all hell breaks loose in New York City, and the Statue of Liberty is beheaded, a devastating explosion and the arrival of a large ganging and scaly creature will stop these festival activities. When the manhattan-like reptilian ghost levels, a daring dash of Beth rescue begins, and all, in its tragedy and devastation at the same time, is captured through a hand-held camcorder. Finally, from what source was this unrelenting invader, and, above all, is there a survival opportunity? As you go to the streets of New York to study, a journey starts as the friends rescue Rob’s true love.

Attack The Block

Attack the Block follows an unfortunate young lady and a posse of extreme downtown children who cause an improbable union to attempt to safeguard their turf against an attack of a savages alien creature, transforming a South London high rise into an intergalactic combat area.

Event Horizon

In 2047, the long-defeated starship Event Horizon has been studied and rescued by a group of astronauts. On the first voyage, the ship mysteriously vanished seven years ago, and with its return comes even more mystery as the “Lewis and Clark” team learns the actual reality behind it and something even more frightening.


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